pH value of some Liquid and Importance of pH in everybody life

Importance of pH in everybody Life

Our body works within a narrow pH range of 7.0 to 7.8.  Plants and animals also survive in a narrow range. This is the General Knowledge for our body.

In digestive system: Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach which helps in the digestion of food but if become excess, the pH falls, and pain and irritation occurs.  To get rid of this ANTACIDS like milk of Magnesia (Mg(OH)2) is generally used to adjust the pH.

In saving tooth decay: Substances like chocolates and sweets are degraded by bacteria present in our mouth. When the pH falls to 5.5 tooth decay starts.  Tooth enamel (calcium phosphate) is the hardest substance in our body and it gets corroded. The saliva produced by salivary glands is slightly alkaline, it helps to increase the pH, to some extent, but tooth paste is used to neutralise excess acid in the mouth.

The list of pH value in some liquid

Name of Liquid द्रव का नाम pH Value pH मान
Lemon Juice नीम्बू जूस2.5
Wine शराब 2.8
Apple Juice सेव जूस 3
Vinegar सिरका 3
Urine मूत्र 4.8
Coffee कॉफ़ी5
Saliva लार 6.5
Milk दूध 6.5
Blood रक्त 7.4
Pure Water शुद्ध 7
Sea Water समुद्री जल 8.5
Toothpaste टूथपेस्ट 9
Milk of Magnesia मग्निशिया का दूध 10.5

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