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Bihar - An Introduction
Bihar established as a separate state from Bengal Presidency from 01 April 1912. But the process of establishment as separate state starts from 22 March 1912. So, Bihar Government celebrate every year from 2010, 22 March as Bihar Diwas.

Now we share some important facts about Bihar with you which helps you to crack various competitive examination of Bihar like BPSC, BSSC.

Bihar Diwas 22 March
Area 94163 Sq. KM
Rank in Area 13th
Populataion 103,804,637
Rank in Population 3rd
Capital Patna
High Court Patna
No. of Divisions 9
No. of Districts 38
No. of Sub-Divisions 101
No. of Blocks 534
No. of Universities 13
Member of Parliaments 40 (Loksabha Member)
16 (Rajyasabha Member)
Member of Legislative Assembly 243
Member of Legislative Council 75
Official Language Hindi
Literacy 63.4% (29th)
73.4% (male)
53.3% (female)
Symbols of Bihar
Bird Sparrow
Animal Ox
Flower Marigold
Tree Peepal
Official Symbol Bodhi Tree`
Highest Peak of the State Someshwar (874 Meter)
Sorrow of Bihar Koshi River
Other Facts
First Chief Justice of High Court Adward Chemiyar (1916)
First Indian Chief Justice of High Court Saiyad Faisal Ali
First Women Chief Justice of High Court in Bihar Rekha Manohar Lal Doshit
First Governor of Bihar Stuart Belly (1912-15)
First Governor of Bihar (After Independent) Jairam Das Daulatram
First Chief Minister of Bihar Shrikrishna Singh
First Women Chief Minister of Bihar Smt. Rabari Devi
Maximum Rainy District Kishanganj
Minimum Rainy District Aurangabad
Hottest District Gaya
Coldest District Gaya
District Having Maximum Average Temperature Bhagalpur
Largest Irrigation Project of Bihar
बिहार की सबसे ​बड़ी सिंचाई परियोजना
Gandak Project
गंडक परियोजना
Folk Dance of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख लोक नृत्य
Kathghorwa, Jogira, Jhihiya, Pawariya, Jharni, Dhobiya, Jhoomer, Vidyapati Nritya
कठघोड़वा, जोगिड़ा, झिझिया, पवड़िया, झरनी, धोबिया, झूमर, विद्यापति नृत्य
Folk Drama of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख लोक नाट्य
Domkach, Videshia, Sama-Chakewa, Jat-Jatin, Kirtania
डोमकच, विदेशिया, सामा—चकेवा, जाट—जटिन, किरतनिया
Painting Style of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख चित्रकला शैली
Pal Style, Patna Kalam, Madhubani Painting,/Mihila Painting, Manjusha Style.
पाल शैली, पटना कलम, मधुबनी पेंटिंग/मिथिला पेंटिंग, मंजूषा शैली
Folk Songs of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख लोकगीत
Sanskar Geet, Parv Geet, Ritu Geet, Mantra Geet, Leela Geet, etc.
संस्कार गीत, पर्व गीत, ऋतु गीत, मंत्र गीत, लीला गीत, आदि
Sanctuary of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख अभयारण्य
Bheembandh Sanctuary, Rajgir Sanctuary, Vikramshila Ganga-Dolphin Sanctuary, Gautam Buddha Sanctuary, Parman Dolphin Sanctuary, Kaimur Sanctuary, Udaipur Sanctuary.
भीमबांध अभयारण्य, राजगीर अभयारण्य, विक्रमशिला गंगा—डॉल्फिन अभयारण्य, गौतम बुद्ध अभयारण्य, परमान डॉल्फिन अभयारण्य, कैमूर अभयारण्य, उदयपुर अभयारण्य
Bird Sanctuary of Bihar
बिहार के प्रमुख पक्षी विहार
Kawar Lake, Gogabil, Nakti, Saraiyaman, Suhiyan, Kusheshwarsthan, Buxar Pakshi Vihar/Bird Sanctuary.
कावरझील पक्षी विहार, गोगाबिल पक्षी विहार, नक्टी पक्षी विहार, सरेयामन पक्षी विहार, सुहियान पक्षी विहार, कुशेश्वर स्थान पक्षी विहार, बक्सर पक्षी विहार


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