Study Material – Synonyms – Part 1

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Synonyms – Part 1

Today we discussed about synonyms of various English words which are frequently asked in various competitive examination. These words and their synonyms are very useful for SSC, PSC, Banking, Railway and many other competitive examinations. Please keep visiting this website to many more study materials including various tips and tricks for competitive examinations. 

1 Accuracy
Type Noun
Hindi Meaning यथार्थता, शुद्धता, सच्‍चाई
Synonyms Authenticity, correctness, faithfullness, veracity, fidelity, precision,
2 Attainment
Type Noun
Hindi Meaning योग्‍यता, गुण, ज्ञान, प्राप्ति
Synonyms Ability, achievement, aptitude, skill, success, talent, accomplishment,
  capability, competence, proficiency.
3 Apparent
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning प्रकट, स्‍पष्‍ट, प्रत्‍यक्ष, दिखावा
Synonyms Obvious, clear, visible, noticeable, distinct, manifest, marked, patent,
  perceptible, declared, open, evident.
4 Accused
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning अपराधी, अभियुक्‍त, दोषी
Synonyms Charged, imputed, incriminated, criminated, indicted, recriminated,
  attributed, blamed.
5 Affable
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning सुशील, सज्‍जन, मिलनसार
Synonyms Amiable, amicable, agreeable, courteous, benevolent, congenial, cordial,
  expansive, genial, gracious, pleasant, sociable.
6 Beholden
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning कृतज्ञ, अनुगृहीत, अहसानमंद
Synonyms Grateful, obligated, obliged, owing, thankful, indebted, sensible,
7 Behavior
Type Noun
Hindi Meaning आचरण, व्‍यवहार
Synonyms Conduct, habits, manners, operation, performance, reaction, response,
  ways, action, dealing.
8 Barrier
Type Noun
Hindi Meaning बाधा, विघ्‍न, आड़, सीमा, घेरा
Synonyms Fence, obstacle, limit, boundary, bar, barricade, blockade, boom,
  railing, rampart, hindrance, hurdle, obstruction, impediment, limitation.
9 Boorish
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning असभ्‍य, गँवार, अशिक्षित
Synonyms Illiterate, rude, coarse, uncouth, churlish, gruff, uncivilized, crude,
  vulger, brutish, barbaric, unsophisticated.
10 Bobbish
Type Adjective
Hindi Meaning चंचल, आनंदित, अच्‍छा, मस्‍त
Synonyms Brisk, well, hearty, energetic, agile, nimble, abrupt, hectic, rapid,
  speedy, quick, alacritous.

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